Configure your next Google ready WordPress site in less than 5

What if I would tell you that you could
skip the most boring partof launching a new
WordPress site?

Configuring a WordPress installation is a repetitive and boring
task you need to do each time you set up a new website

Going through the same site configuration process, each time,
over and over again. This can be excruciating!

Here are some of the repetitive tasks that you do
each timeyou set up a new site:

  1. Removing all
    sample posts, pagesand
  2. Setting up
    site name, admin email, timezone, languageand
    other site settings
  3. Setting up full site
  4. Creating the must have pages of any modern site, like:
    “Contact Usâ€,
    “About Usâ€,
    “Privacy Policyâ€,
    “Terms of Serviceâ€,
    “Affiliate Disclaimerâ€
    many more
  5. Making sure your site is
    GDPR compliantand has a cookie notice
  6. Installing and setting up
    plugins and the themeyou are going to use on your
  7. Setting up site
    securitysettings and making sure you are not
    exposed to hackers
  8. Setting up
    social sharingbuttons for your content
  9. Setting up
    monetizationfor your site using AdSense or
    affiliate marketing
  10. Optimizing
    page load speed
  11. And the task list could go on and

Suddenly, you realized that 2 tiresome hours have passed and
you still have to start creating landing pages and content for your
new site.

If you would have wished for a solution that could simplify and
speed up the setup process of new sites, I would fully understand

Luckily, you are on the right place!I present to
you the
WP Setup Wizard plugin! This is an all-in-one
plugin which is able to set up your new WordPress site using a
“Quick Setup Wizard†interface. Do
you remember installing Windows programs with their easy to use
setup wizard installers? Start up the installer wizard, click a
couple of times “Next-Next-Next†and
the program is installed!

Now, the same streamlined setup experience is available also
while setting up your new WordPress site!

Can You Do With This Plugin?

  1. It will allow you to show an
    page to visitors while you set up
    your site
  2. Automatically remove all
    posts, pages, comments, tags, categoriesand
    attachmentsfrom your site
  3. Set up
    general site settingswith ease
  4. Create
    required legal pageslike
    “Contact Usâ€,
    “About Usâ€,
    “Privacy Policyâ€,
    “Terms of Serviceâ€,
    “Affiliate Disclaimer†pages and many
  5. Add a
    contact formto your site
  6. Make your site
    GDPR compliantand adding a cookie notice to
  7. Automatically
    install pluginsand
  8. Set up
    SEO settingslike site meta data, local SEO JSON-LD
    tags, product rating SEO meta tags, robots.txt, 404 redirect to
    home page and more
  9. Set up
    security settingslike: limit login attempts,
    change login URL, force HTTPS, ReCaptcha integration and more
  10. Set up
    social sharing buttonsfor your content for:
    Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn
  11. Set up
    AdSense Auto Adsfor your site
  12. Set up
    monetizationfor your site, using automatically
    displayed affiliate products from: Amazon, eBay, ClickBank,
    Commission Junction, Envato, GearBest, AliExpress, Walmart or
  13. Set up
    page speedoptimizations like: minify, compress and
    combine HTML, JavaScript and CSS, Leverage Browser Caching, Enable
    GZIP Compression, Remove Query Strings from static resources and
  14. Customize and
    brand your WordPresslogin page, admin bar and
    admin dashboard
  15. Database
    cleanupand database
  16. Resetany of the databases of your WordPress site
    to it’s original state (from day 1, when you
    installed your WordPress site)
  17. Make all the above settings in a user friendly
    Setup Wizard†interface
  18. And the feature list could
    go on and on

Stop wasting your time and energy setting up new sites one by
one. Do it efficiently, using the WP Setup Wizard plugin, in under
5 minutes.

Full list of
plugin features:

  • Run the plugin’s builtin
    “Quick Setup
    and configure your site in a simple and
    pleasant interface
  • Site Settings:change site title, tagline, favicon,
    admin email, permalink structure, rename the
    “Uncategorized†default category, set
    user registration options, email options, site language, timezone,
    date format, time format
  • Content Cleanup:delete all posts, pages,
    categories, tags, comments or attachments
  • Content Cleanup:cleanup unnecessary database
  • Content Creation:automatically create the
    following pages:

    • “About Usâ€
    • “Contact Usâ€
    • “Affiliate Disclosureâ€
    • “Amazon Affiliate
    • “AntiSpam Policyâ€
    • “Cookie Policyâ€
    • “GDPR Requestsâ€
    • “Copyright Policyâ€
    • “Earnings Disclaimerâ€
    • “Medical Disclaimerâ€
    • “Privacy Policyâ€
    • “Terms of Serviceâ€
  • Content Creation:create blank posts and pages
  • Content Creation:create categories and tags
  • Content Creation:create dummy website content
  • Content Creation:“YouTube
    Caption Scraper†module will be able to get import any
    YouTube video’s closed captions and use it as
    your site’s unique content
  • Commenting Settings:change new comment moderation
    and email settings
  • Commenting Creation:disable comments for posts or
  • Commenting Creation:replace default WordPress
    commenting system with Facebook comments
  • Images:set default image upload quality
  • Images:remove EXIF data from images
  • Images:automatically watermark uploaded
  • Code Customizations:add CSS or header/footer code
    to your pages
  • User Access:allow only logged in users to view
    your site
  • User Access:switch your site to
    “Under Construction†mode
  • GDPR Settings:show a cookie consent notice to
  • GDPR Settings:choose to accept or redirect EU
  • GDPR Settings:add a “Right to be
    Forgotten†form to your website
  • GDPR Settings:add a “Data Access
    Request†form to your website
  • GDPR Settings:add a
    “Unsubscribe†form to your
  • GDPR Settings:add a “Data
    Rectification Request†form to your website
  • GDPR Settings:add a GDPR consent checkbox to
    comment forms
  • Theme Setup:automatically install a list of themes
    you select
  • Plugin Setup:automatically install a list of
    plugins you select
  • Website Security:limit login attempts
  • Website Security:change default WordPress login
  • Website Security:enforce SSL/HTTPS
  • Website Security:Google ReCaptcha integration to
    login form, comments form and contact forms generated by this
  • Website Security:full database backup
  • Content Protection:disable right click on the
    front end

  • Content Protection:disable text selection on the
    front end
  • SEO:Automatically generate SEO meta tags like
    Facebook OG tags, Twitter meta tags or generic website meta
  • SEO:business JSON-LD meta information
  • SEO:automatic robots.txt generation
  • SEO:business SEO rating meta information
  • SEO:redirect 404 page not found erros to home
  • SEO:discourage search engines from indexing your
  • Social:automatically add social share buttons to
    your posts or pages for: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn,
  • Social:automatically add a “Pin
    It†button to all images from content
  • Monetization:automatically add your affiliate
    links to keywords from content (optionally, replace the keywords
    with other words)
  • Monetization:AdSense Automatic Ads
  • Monetization:automatically add affiliate products
    to your products from:

    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • ClickBank
    • Commission Junction
    • GearBest
    • AliExpress
    • Envato
    • Walmart
    • Etsy
  • Page Speed:minify, compress and combine HTML, CSS
    & JavaScript
  • Page Speed:remove query strings from static
  • Page Speed:enable GZIP compression
  • Page Speed:leverage browser caching
  • Website Branding:customize WordPress login page
    colors, background image, text, logo, form and buttons
  • Website Branding:customize WordPress admin bar
    logo, menus and hide it on front end
  • Website Branding:remove admin dashboard
  • Website Branding:change WordPress admin header and
    footer text
  • Website Branding:edit admin menu entry labels and
    hide them for non-admin users
  • Database Wipe:reset any database from your site to
    it’s original state
  • And more to come soon…

Testing this

  • You can test the plugin using the
    ‘’. Here you can try the
    plugin’s full functionality. Note that the
    generated testing blog will be deleted automatically after 24


  • PHP curl
  • PHP 5.6 or PHP 7.x

Need support?

check our , it may have the answer to your question or a solution
for your issue. If not, just email me at and I will respond as soon
as I can.


Version 1.0 Release Date 2020-11-20

First version released!

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