WooCommerce Product Availability Scheduler Plugin empowers
merchants to schedule products availability. A scheduled product
will not be unpurchasable until the time is expired or disabled the
scheduler. The plugin allows scheduling specific products or
schedule products by categories & global scheduler for all
products. Allow customers to enroll for the availability of the
product by email address when the product will be available the
notification email can be sent to all enrolled customers for the
availability of the product. The plugin uses
WordPress’ cron jobs to check the time
expiration of the scheduled products, with multiple time ranges.
Set auto or manual availability for the scheduled products.

Plugin Features

  • Schedule products’ availability to increase
  • Allow customers to subscribe to the availability of the
  • Set products availability automatically or manual.
  • Count down timer & custom messages for scheduled
  • Notify Customers when product is available automatically.
  • Schedule products on product level, category level and global
  • Supports variations of variable products.
  • Allow customers to enroll email for scheduled products so that
    when the product is available notification email will be sent to
    enrolled email.
  • Allow/Restrict guest users for scheduled product
  • Notify enrolled emails by using WordPress’
    cron jobs.
  • Add description text before/after timer.
  • Set notification settings that the enrolled emails should be
    notify on availability of product, one day before availability of
    product or before one week.
  • With special tags get product name and product link in
    notification email body to create the template.

Email Enrolment For Products’

Enable email enrollment for products’
availability to let customers enroll themsevles for the
availability of the products. When the products will be available
the customers will be notified by email. The email template can be
designed in the plugin’s settings.

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