WooCommerce Orders Tracking is an essential plugin for tracking
orders of WooCommerce. This plugin allows shop owners to add, edit,
import, export the orders tracking numbers and tracking URLs of
every item and order. Then the plugin can send the orders tracking
emails, SMS, add the tracking information to PayPal transactions
with orders tracking information and tracking URLs. 
This plugin also integrates the orders tracking information with
other tracking services. With the advantages of tracking orders,
the shop owners can manage tracking orders easily and inform their
customers about the orders journey. Likewise, customers will feel
secure and comfortable in tracking their orders.

1. Shipping

The plugin integrates more than 80 common shipping carriers all
over the world. And you still can add your custom shipping carrier
if it is necessary.

  • More than 80 carriers integrated: The plugin allows you to
    select the carriers you want to use.
  • Automatical generate tracking URL: Then when adding a tracking
    code, you just need to select the carrier and fill in the tracking
    code. Order Tracking for WooCommerce will auto-generate
    a  tracking URL.
  • Add custom shipping carriers: The plugin allows you to add
    custom shipping carriers by entering the carrier name and tracking

2. The orders tracking information emails.

  • Send tracking emails: you can select to send tracking email to
    the customer when adding a tracking code to their orders.
  • Edit the tracking email: You are able to change the tracking
    email subject, heading, and content. The plugin provides shortcodes
    display customer name, order ID and shipping information in

3. WooCommerce

  • Including the tracking information in the WooCommerce orders
    emails when the orders have changed the status.
  • Customizing the positions of the tracking information in the
    WooCommerce emails.

4. SMS

  • The SMS option allows you to inform your customers by SMS with
    a tracking URL when the orders tracking information has
  • There are 3 SMS Provider options for you to choose including
    Twilio, Nexmo and Plivo.

5. PayPal

  • Automatic add shipping information: Shipping information
    includes carrier names and tracking code will be added to your
    Paypal transaction automatically.
  • Paypal Sandbox supported: The plugin provides a sandbox option
    that allows you to test the feature with a Paypal Sandbox account
    before using it with your live account.

6. Tracking service and Google reCAPTCHA

Order Tracking for WooCommerce works with Tracking Service like
TrackingMore, Cainiao, EasyPost, Aftership. The plugin will get the
shipping information from these tracking services and transfer it
to your customers.

  • TrackingMore, EasyPost, Aftership: These options require a
    valid API to work. Order Tracking for WooCommerce will
    automatically get tracking information from these tracking
  • Cainiao: This tracking service doesn’t need
    API to work.
  • Google reCAPTCHA: This option helps you protect your website
    from spam and abuse.

7. Adding Tracking Code to WooCommerce Orders

WooCommerce Order Tracking plugin allows you to add tracking
code to each product. The tracking code can be added manually in
the WooCommerce/Orders page, or you can bulk-adding using CSV

7.1. Export orders and Import tracking code using CSV

The plugin provides an option to bulk import tracking code using
CSVs file. You can select orders and export them as a CSV file, add
tracking codes to the exported file. Then import the CSV file in
the plugin backend. Tracking codes will be added to your
WooCommerce orders and Paypal transactions.

  • Order filters: filters help you to select the orders you want
    to export by created date, paid date, completed date, status,
    billing address, shipping address, payment method, and the shipping
  • Export fields: select the order fields you want to export.
    Included Order ID, Order Item ID, Product ID, Variation ID, Product
    Name, Product Price, Quantity and Product
  • Import tracking code using CSV files: after editing the
    exported order file and add tracking codes. You can import it in
    the plugin backend. Tracking codes will be automatically added to
    your WooCommerce orders.

7.2. Adding manually the Tracking Codes to WooCommerce

  • Adding manually the Tracking Codes:  you can select
    the orders in WooCommerce you want to add the tracking information:
    Tracking number, Tracking carrier, Shipping carrier, Change order
    status, sending email to the customer(if tracking info changes) and
    Adding tracking number to PayPal option.
  • Bulk set tracking number: You can add bulk tracking numbers for
    orders that have many different items.

8. Tracking Page

The tracking page options allow your customer to check the
shipping information on your site (instead of going to the shipping
carrier site). This option works with Tracking Service only.

  • Create a tracking page: when the plugin is installed. A
    tracking page will automatically be added to your page (check it at
    Dashboard/ Pages/ Track Order).
  • Design the tracking page: The page has two templates and
    multiple design options for you to change its front-end.
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