Easily setup Open and close store categories hours for your
online store.

Do you need a simple way to disable orders from certain
ctegories of your store from being accepted outside select hours in
the day?

The Hour Limit WooCommerce (HLW) plug-in allows you to easily
manage the WooCommerce checkout functionality enabling the ability
to schedule open and closed hours and days of the week of your
store categories for customers to process order transactions.

The plug-in allows custom daily schedules with multiple hourly
options. If the WooCommerce category hours are marked as closed or
out of opening hours, no orders can be process and checkout is
disabled for the products of that category.

The schedule functionality will automatically open and close the
category of your store disabling checkout based on the custom
schedule unique to your business needs.

Message will be shown at the product of closed categories
indicating closed right now, you can as well use the shortcode
using category ID to further explain in pages or elsewhere that
this category is not open right now.


  1. Customize daily and hourly schedule functionality for store
  2. Automatic enabling and disabling Add to Card functionality
    based on custom time schedules and categories
  3. Message at the product page of categories out of working
  4. Option to disable category at once
  5. Easy to sliders for setting hours
  6. Shortcode for displaying if a category is open or closed at any
    page using category ID
  7. Translation ready
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