Introducing Wauki

Whether you’re looking to spice up your own
personal or business website or you’re a
developer looking for a time- and money-saving way to impress your
client with a visually strikng navigation, the Wauki plugin is the
tool for the job.

Wauki is a super easy to set up, multi-level fullscreen menu
plugin for WordPress. It works across devices big and small, can be
added to any WordPress theme and can become a natural part of an
existing website thanks to its substantial customization

Combined with our quick response times, customer-praised support
and dedication to continually update our products based on customer
feedback, you can count on extracting more and more value from your
purchase as time passes.


Main menu button

  • beautifully animated (animates into close button)
  • fully color customizable
  • freely alter roundness (display as circular, square or anything
    in between)
  • position left/center/right of screen and fine tune top/sides
  • display above or below fullscreen menu
  • add text label
  • fixed/absolute positioning
  • optionally hide
  • use custom activator class to open the menu from any element on
    your website

Main menu

  • multi-level menu
  • change font size, item spacing, use theme font
  • align left/center/right
  • fully color customizable
  • choose from different menu item hover effects

Search function

  • align left/right (animation adjusts accordingly)
  • fully color customizable
  • optionally hide

Secondary close

  • fully color customizable
  • optionally hide
  • position left/center/right
  • fully color customizable

Main menu

  • add background color and image (and change image opacity)
  • customize width/height and horizontal/vertical distance from
    screen edges


  • add background color and image (change opacities of both)

Styled scrollbar

  • use optionally
  • customize colors

Styled scrollbar

  • set custom resolution at which design switches to mobile
  • customize mobile layout separately from desktop:
    • align menu items
    • font size and item spacing
    • footer menu align


  • open on front page
  • lock body scroll when menu open
  • show to logged in users only
  • show menu at specified resolution range only
  • optionally hide theme menu by class/ID
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