Voice To Search for WordPress & WooCommerce adds voice
to text functionally to all the search forms on your

How it works

Voice To Search for WordPress & WooCommerce uses Voice
Recognition to transform voice into text within the browser, so no
load on your website!

All inputs with the search parameter will have a microphone
button added to them which allows your visitors to use their voice
to search your website.


  • Zero load on your website, all voice transformation is done
    within the browser using the Web Speech API
  • Works on WooCommerce search
  • Works on Mobile/Tablets
  • Enable/disable recording sounds
  • Select recording sounds
  • Automatically search after voice recognition
  • Enable/disable voice response message
  • Set custom voice response message
  • Select voice response language
  • Add custom CSS

NOTE: The Voice To Search for WordPress & WooCommerce
plugin uses the Web Speech API. This is only currently supported by
certain browsers like Chrome and Samsung Internet.
Firefox, Safari and other browsers start supporting the Web Speech
API, we will of course add it in.

If your visitor is on a browser that doesn’t
support the Web Speech API then the microphone button will not
appear and they will have to search as normal.

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