This is a plugin extension/add-on. Make sure you have
purchased and activated plugin before using this one.

Visit Message Woo plugin helps to display custom messages to
visitors in a popup modal based on the number of times they visited
the WooCommerce product page. This is a WP FootPrint Plugin
extension. Unlike traditional cookie-based tracking, this plugin
track user based on IP and user agents so that popup can be
displayed even if users are using different browsers.


  1. IP and User-agent based tracking.
  2. Can identify visitors even if they use different browsers.
  3. Exit and Timer popup modals.
  4. Fully customizable popover.
  5. 19 different animation types.
  6. Lead collection.
  7. Ability to export collected leads.


    Username: demo
    Password: okywAwjW7ot)wJ59NU&9eK!k

customizable popup modals

There are 2 types of popover options available, Exit, and Timer.
This determines whether to show a popup when the user tries to exit
the page or to show it after a certain time regardless of the user
action. The option “Trigger popover
after†is only effective if the
“Popover type†is selected as a

You can also customize the background and text colors of the
popup. Along with that, you can specify the popover heading and
content you want to display. In the content section, you can use
HTML tags to format your message.

Different Animation Types

Select from 19 available popup animation types.

Lead Collection

If this option is enabled, a textbox to grab user email is shown
in the popup. All of the collected emails can be exported to a CSV
by clicking the “Export all collected

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