Welcome to Moci’s Jump ! *Moci’s Jump stands for Mocican Jump Join with Mocican through his adventure. This time, Mocican needs to jump a lot ! He need to jump over his enemies through 5 locations and 4 times a day. From City to Candy Land. From Morning till Night. Join along with him facing… Read More

Welcome to Moci’s Grazy ! *Grazy stands for Mocican Grab and Crazy Shoot Join with Mocican as he goes into a field of apples. But be careful ! Sometimes not only apple that comes down but also some unknown box from another dimension also falling from the sky ! Mocican must avoid the boxes while… Read More

Moci’s Fight ! is stands for Mocican’s Fight ! Join with Mocican as he walks into the forest and fight his enemies through 100 waves. Be careful because enemy can comes from right and left side of the forest ! Punch them all and unleash Mocican’s power as the fight going on and on. Dare… Read More