Sky Knight is Shoot ‘em up (shmup)  vertically scrolling top-down perspective retro shooter game. You need to defend the earth from the enemies attack, there are 7 weapons (bullet pattern) for help you each level, randomly dropped when the enemy destroyed. Can you survive from enemies attack? And fight the final boss to win this… Read More

About the Game: Hard Flap! HTML5 Game Description: Make the ball jump through obstacles and move as far as you can! You control a bouncing ball and which is moving on the ground. But there are many different obstacles on your way and you have to jump between them and avoid touching them at all… Read More

Help him to collect toys for good kids and all the merry melody notes for carols.Get the sincerest wishes after finishing all levels. and share this game with people you care about. Features · 5 levels; · sharp and 100% unique graphics; · pinball style; · input: keyboard + mouse, touch, gamepad; · full screen… Read More

Sheriff Callie – Deputy For A Day is an cool multi animation HTML5 game for kids. This game is most advanced so far made with Pixi.js game engine, Bandits came to Sheriff Callie’s town, and you will have to help her fight them so they will leave her town and so, all the animals will… Read More

Out Of Step – HTML5 Adventure Game is a very fun, challenging Pure HTML5 game that forces you to think on your feet by presenting you with obstacles that can be solved in many different ways! Guide the wolf along the best path by placing the appropriate block along his path. Make a bridge to… Read More

Red Christmas Pandais a really wonderful HTML5 Game made with the help of Game Engine called ImpactJS. This is one of the most exiting and joyful HTML5 game. As you progress further into the game, the difficulty levels spruce up and so does the pleasure of the gaming. Enjoy the music alongside the game. Music/Sound… Read More

The Sorcerer is a HTML5 puzzle game freely inspired to Zuma gameplay. The game contains 3 different progressive levels. This game has been developed in HTML5/js and third-party library CreateJs – (not Construct2 or other framework). The ZIP package contains the game with 960×540 resolution that scales to fit current screen device. The game is… Read More