Engineerio – is a logic game. Burst ball at the right time and walk to the finish Features The game works on all popular browsers Very easy customization, reskin Including Constuct 2 file (.capx – all source) Mobile control Easy to use Nice graphics You can embed the game on the frames HTML5 The ability… Read More


Gingerbread Maker is a logic game in which you have to decorate gingerbread cookies according to the template. You gradually unlock new colors and decorations, which means that making cookies gets progressively harder. The game has 24 levels.… Read More


Fruit Snake – HTML5 Game, Mobile Vesion+AdMob!!! (Construct-2 CAPX) Description: Fruit Snake – a classic game of snake in a color version, in which you need to collect fruits, for each eaten fruit added time! PC controls snake: the arrow keys left and right, or alternatively, the keys A and D. Touch Control works on… Read More


Ninja Cube is a HTML5 Running Game. Welcome, little ninja! Switch gravity with just a touch / click, and avoid obstacles. Remember to get some Sushi bonus for extra points! This Game is already Compatible with AdmobAds Use the AdmobAds to add your ads’ ID and start monetizing with this game! Please read to get… Read More


Fishing Frenzy – HTML5 Game, Mobile Vesion+AdMob!!! (Construct-2 CAPX) Description: Fishing Frenzy – it is a very popular game about fishing! You in it to fight for its prey, fish, blow rabid sharks, sea horses, collect starfish, seashells, catch bubbles with bombs, worms, treasure, watches and gifts! You have to collect in this game everything… Read More