Shoot a ball which transforms into a bubble when it stops. The bubble grows until it hits something. By hitting the bubble with the ball its number reduces, when it hits 0 it pops and you get a point. The ball should not cross the bottom line. Uncertain Studio Quality: HTML5 Mobile Optimized Mobile App… Read More

Match 3 Halloween Story is a game specially made for Halloween, with fantastic graphics and creepy music, you will never get enough of this game! Features: – 1 Level – Highscore System – Super Graphics – Great Music and effects – Facebook Share Files Included: – HTML5 Files – Help Files… Read More

HTML5 GAMES BUNDLE â„–5 (CAPX) – a suite of 9 beautiful games, with excellent graphics and great sounds! All 9 games in bundle, all the sources included, HTML5 projects, Construct 2 projects, graphics, sounds and much more! PC controls: Keyboard, Mouse. Touch Control works on all browsers and all mobile devices! Made in . Enjoy… Read More

Character Container Template Template that demonstrates how to use Construct 2 Containers to create a character with pixel style from its parts. Create a starter template for your platformer game with the character container ready. Main Features – Main Menu page – Options page – Delete Data from LocalStorage – Auto save data on gameplay… Read More

Dig through the ground as a big monster worm. Grow by eating enemies, collect power ups and defeat the always growing number of enemy troops. Uncertain Studio Quality: HTML5 Mobile Optimized Mobile App Optimized AdMob Ready Playable on all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.) Realtime Adjustable Game Screen Clean code Easy to edit Five Star Support… Read More

Colour Bubble Touch is casual game, touch the Bubble to add a score Features • Create with Construct 2 • CAPX and HTML5 included Files • Sound Effect • Colourful image • Particle Effect • Easy To Reskin… Read More

Pong Goal is a simple, fun and addictive HTML5 game with a beautiful graphics. Get 8 scores/goals ahead, and you win! Easy to play, with 3 difficulty levels to choose. Press left/right arrow key or use touch left/right side to move the paddle. This game has been developed using Construct 2 (r244) game engine, you… Read More

click on remove iframe at top right to play best Zig Down – Html5 Mobile Game – android & ios (Construct 2) How To Play Zig Down : tap the screen to change the direction , Collect the stars and Try not to collide with anything. Features: . Game Made with Construct 2 . auto… Read More

2 games – every game have 20 levels – save 19$ 1 – Greens & Reds :: . How to play Greens & Reds – Html5 Game : use arrow keys to move the greens & reds Right arrow = move to right Left arrow = move to left Up arrow = jump †Press… Read More