Avoid collision with other cars! The game is ready for export to any mobile device and PC. Ready to make games to order for you, write to the mail!… Read More

In Balloon Rush your goal is to launch the dart and pop all 3 of the star balloons on each level. The game keeps track of completed levels between sessions. Facebook and Twitter share buttons are available to allow the player to easily share their progress via social media. This Game is AdMob Ads Compatible. The game… Read More

Gravity Change – Is a HTML5 and mobile run game. Simple infinite jump game, that will help you have fun while away the time. Simple, but at the same time exciting game! Dodge spikes and set records! Features: Gravity Change made on Construct 2 game engine Responsive on all device Easy to reskin Flexible event… Read More

This is mechanics for game, complete! 2 layouts. sprites free and sounds No required plugin third party. Comments in lines importants. Easy re-skin. Made in construct 2. Include Capx file. High resolution (1280X720) landscape. Localstorage fou sound and bestscore One click play Effect shuffle live No requires knowledge(basic) of the software(Construct 2), very easy.… Read More

Goblins VS Skeletonsis a simple tap game…tap right for goblins to get inside in the cave and tap left for skeletons to jump in the water. Play fast and try to make more score in the specific time…timer increases with score points. This game is build by Construct 2 Game Engine (Capx File Included). How… Read More

MONSTER RUSH Rush the little monster to the candy to feed him, but we carefull with the spikes. Pick some coins and Buy new Characters. Monster Rush is a Construct2 cute Fresh engine, with excellent graphics, Sounds and animations. Feed the monster, Pick some coins and Buy new character in the shop.. The game was… Read More

Catio– logic game. You need to deliver a cake to a cute kitten. Go through 25 interesting levels and show everyone your agility and ingenuity. You can add as many levels as you like. You can edit any level and immediately check. Create your dream levels with Catioon construct 2. Features The game works on… Read More

In Flower Rush the player takes on the role of a cute flower character that has to defend against on coming enemies. The main goal is to get the best score possible. The last score and personal best high score are kept track of in-game. Facebook and Twitter share buttons are available to allow the… Read More

The game was made using the program Construct 2, included capx file. Use the most stable version of the program. If you want to edit the game, you will need to have a license of the program. But to edit the images, just replace them. Features: Full Game; HTML5 Mobile Optimized; Mobile App Optimized Cocoon.io;… Read More