In Balloon Rush your goal is to launch the dart and pop all 3 of the star balloons on each level. The game keeps track of completed levels between sessions. Facebook and Twitter share buttons are available to allow the player to easily share their progress via social media. This Game is AdMob Ads Compatible. The game… Read More

In Flower Rush the player takes on the role of a cute flower character that has to defend against on coming enemies. The main goal is to get the best score possible. The last score and personal best high score are kept track of in-game. Facebook and Twitter share buttons are available to allow the… Read More

Deadly Race The Deadly Race is a HTML5 racing game template built in Construct 2 and ready for export to mobile platforms such as Android, iOS or Windows or just for the web browsers. One of the main features of Deadly Race template is in-game purchases. So, you can monetize your game using both methods… Read More

Creepy Deepis an endless vertical jumping game, which was inspired by the famous mobile jumping arcade – Doodle Jump. The game is built with HTML5 using Construct 2. Due to this, it can be easily customized and exported to any popular platform, such as Android, iOS, Windows and Web with no hassle! Gameplay Help the… Read More

Neon Hockeyis a sport game.Defend your goal area and try to shoot the hockey ball to your opponent’s goal.This game is multiplayer.This game is compatible with Admob. This game is created using Construct 2. Features : Made with Construct 2 Included Construct 2 .capx file (Source Code) Admob Ads (Banner & Interstitial) Full HD 1080×1920… Read More

Your mission is to destroy all the ships you can and protect yours only bullet at all costs. To navigate your paddle, you can touch the screen, move with the arrows on the keyboard or use your gamepad. The only bullet will trigger automatically after any movement. That’s all. Good luck! FEATURES The game works… Read More

Tap to change the gravity direction to avoid sawblade’s. Features [] Endless [] Cute and awesome graphics [] 1080p Resolution (1920×1080) [] Admob ready [] Game made in Construct 2 [] HTML5 [] Mobile App Optimized Playable on all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.) []Sound Fx… Read More

The police chase you for high speed on the freeway. You must accelerate to avoid being hit by the patrol car. You must also interchange between the lanes to avoid colliding with the traffic and if necessary, you can get off the freeway, but you will lose speed and you should also be aware of… Read More

Breakfast Time is a HTML5 Cooking Game. Good morning, ready to make the perfect breakfast? Serve each customer the correct order, in every part, before the time runs out! Complete your goal to pass each level… Good luck! This Game is ready to be exported in Intel XDK and be used with AdmobAds AdMob is… Read More

In the game, you will be a captain in control of a ship. Your mission is to destroy all the enemy ships you can and protect yours at all costs. To navigate your ship, you can touch the screen anywhere, move with the arrows on the keyboard or use your gamepad. The firing system is… Read More