Clowns’ Balls is a fast arcade action game where player needs to make sure balls clowns are throwing don’t fall onto the ground by moving drum on the stage. It’s a simple game yet very addictive and it becomes gradually harder with each new level. If Admob is activated it will switch between banner and… Read More


Description Gunman – the mobile 2d game made to Construct 2 (HTML5). This game is timekiller. You need to destroy as many enemies with a pistol before they killed or surround you. The enemy is killed by two or three hits in the torso. Contact with : heart – will restore to you the life,… Read More


It is a classic ‘Tic Tac Toe’ game created with HTML5. – Game 3×3 – Clean and organized capx code – Made with Construct 2 – Capx files included – No required coding – All platforms fully responsive – Touch / Mouse Controls – Fully functional – Flexible Game Grid Sizes – Sound enable /… Read More


Circle match A tiny memory game for people who like round things. The game evolves from a zen like experience into a fast paced brain twisting memory challenge. Complete 20+ levels that will have you training your visual memory for hours! This game is build by Construct 2 Game Engine Custom file and setup guide… Read More


This is a math game where you can test your addition skills. To play this game, you should select the balls that will add up to the number shown at the bottom of the screen. When the selected balls values add up to the target value, then, the selected balls are removed from the game.… Read More

Color match One of the best simple games Connect same color Square horizontally ,vertically, in a zigzag. Connect needed number of blocks by using limited number of moves on each level. Complete all 100 levels This game is build by Construct 2 Game Engine How To Play Touch and drag over the same color to… Read More


Cake Design is a HTML5 Cooking Game. Ready to bake the perfect cake? Create the cake your customer request, in every part, before the time runs out! Press the buttons in the correct order and then sell the ice cream, or cancel it if it’s wrong! This Game is ready to be exported in Intel… Read More


Memory Triplets is a fast matching game where players needs to match triplets of tiles with the same face and do as many matches as specified under To Go field on the top right side of the screen before time runs out. Game becomes progressively harder. Simple but challenging. Features highlight: Made with Construct 2… Read More


HTML5 Games bundle includes 7 Games (with .CAPX file). All games are made using Construct 2 game engine, so you need Construct 2 personal or business license to modify .capx file. Features : Made with Construct 2 Included Construct 2 .capx file (Source Code) Touch,mouse and keyboard supported Admob Ads (Banner & Interstitial) Ready export… Read More


Jelly Pop is a fun, addictive and simple html5 puzzle game with colorfull graphics. Join the jelly and get to the last tile. When two tiles with same jelly touch, they merge into one. When last tile is created, the player wins. How to play: Mobile: Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) Desktop: Use arrow key… Read More