Syno Elementor Timeline Widget For WordPress

Timelines are a great way to show the content of your
website. Syno Elementor Timeline
widget allows you to add interactive timelines on your
website pages without having to wrangle with the code. Syno
Elementor Timeline widget to display timeline of blog post,
woocommerce product and custom.

Widgets List:

  • Post Timeline
  • Wocommerce Product Timeline
  • Custom Timeline

Syno Elementor Timeline Widget plugin is used to

  • Awesome 
    Company Timeline
  • Blog Posts Timeline
  • Woocommerce Products Timeline
  • Step by Step Tutorial Timeline
  • Program History
  • Your Company Storyline
  • Events Timeline
  • Life Stories/Timeline
  • Life Achievements
  • Personal Timeline
  • Author Biography Timeline
  • Product updates Timeline
  • Company History Timeline
  • Content Timeline
  • Startup Storyline


  • Multiple customization options and easy to use.
  • Fully responsive layout for all devices.
  • Create any kind of design without coding.
  • Compatible with all themes.
  • Easy installation? purchase, download the zip,
    read the docs
  • Compatible with all major browsers, including IE?
    compatible from IE9 to IE11, Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  • And many more.

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