Checking orders manually sometimes create stress and become
painful. Say, you have a store for your restaurant shop developed
with WooCommerce and you are always busy with management, in this
situation you have to check new orders manually. Cause the place
might be noisy and it’s not possible to check
after x time for new orders.

What if something did this job for you and will notify you
through your speaker when you have an order in your store!
Let’s introduce
Order listener for WooCommercewhich will check
orders and notify you with alarm sound as soon as new order comes.
It will save a lots of time and extra Employee cost as well as make
your WooCommerce order processing faster and smarter than

Plugin Features

  1. Fully automatic
  2. Play sound on new orders
  3. Custom audio support
  4. Order checking rules
    • Exclude product(s)
    • Minimum order amount
  5. Developed with VueJS to make the listener panel reacting
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