Modal Survey WordPress Poll, Survey & Quiz
provides the opportunity to hear your visitors voice
through an attention grabber poll. Unlimited surveys, questions and
answers helps to get any information, then display it by a stunning
progress bar, beauty pie chart or a simple text format.

Features containsthe option to embed the WordPress
poll to your content or display it as a modal style, like a popup.
Success of a websites highly depends on the visitors, therefore a
great customer satisfaction survey is the key to improve the

Modal Survey plugin gives you the power to create any Customer
Satisfaction Survey or Customer Feedback Survey on your pages
easily with the Visual Poll Builder.

Customer Satisfaction WordPress Survey with Aggregated Chart

The plugin able to visualizeall questions on the
same graph to display the aggregated survey results. It should be
perfect to check the effectiveness of a Support Team or any other
Company activities.

Compliance with

Modal Survey WordPress Survey Plugin is GDPR
, find the details by

Trivia Quiz

Trivia Quizone of the most popular quiz style
nowadays on the social networks. The idea behind this poll to get
lot of traffic, especially from Facebook. The plugin offer a share
button to post the individual quiz results with specific image to
Facebook based on the answers. With this BuzzFeed kind of quiz,
that using personal content, the traffic of your website can be
increased quickly without spending lot of money for

Recommendation Survey

Increasing the saleswith Product Recommendation
Polls is so easy. The plugin support conditional statements, that
allows you to display a specific message or redirect the browser to
any page based on the survey answer scores.

Personality Tests

Supports Business Evaluation Testsor even
Personality Tests with categories, that can be displayed on
different chart types. Both of the answers and questions can be
organized to categories, then the chart will display the results
based on the category scores.

Quiz with Timer

Entertain your visitorswith a quiz could be also a
great option to create pages, that more likely will be shared on
the social networks, including Facebook or Google Plus. The quiz
timer can be set as a general quiz timer or a question timer to
make your quiz more exciting.

Unlimited WordPress Poll Styles

The plugin customizationfeatures allows to create
unlimited WordPress poll, survey and quiz styles with many settings
and options. Width and position can be specified simply with a
slider and colors by a colorpicker. This type of the WordPress
questionnaire you can see below, using the 40% of the full width,
but you can set any sizes and positions around the screen, even it
would be the top, middle or the bottom of the page. Visual Builder
helps you on the admin to design a well-looking poll and attract
your customers for voting instantly with your modern, AJAX-based
WordPress survey.

The admin panel grants you a professional interface to design
your questionnaire, including RGB Color Picker to set the font and
background colors, DateTimePicker for scheduling your survey,
sliders to set the correct values, like border-radius, padding and
you will find much more useful, user-friendly tools on the admin

Visual Builder to Design your Own WordPress Survey

There are tons of customization optionsin the
Visual Builder of Modal Survey – WordPress Poll,
Survey & Quiz Plugin, including Live Preview, start and expiry
time, font family (650+ Google Font Styles), font sizes, padding,
border parameters, background-, font- and border colors and much
more… All of them designed to helps you to build
amazing questionnaire through a user-friendly, professional
interface. Full variety of jQuery Easing Effects and the speed
option ensures smooth animations, including incoming and the
outgoing behavior of the questionnaire.

In addition, several special features extend the usability of
the survey for custom purposes. Combine Lock Screen with Closeable
setting to force the users to fill out the poll or simply use the
first option only to highlight your questionnaire for the visitors.
Also grants you the ability to pop in the WordPress poll, when the
visitor almost reached the bottom of the page with the mouse
scroll. This special event gives you a smart control how your users
meet with the survey at a first glance.

Add your own, custom message even with link at the end of the
WordPress questionnaire. The plugin allows you to offer a
downloadable content in return for the information you ask in the

Full Width WordPress Poll or Custom Sized Survey in Popup or Embed

Use it as a full widthor a custom sized poll with
popup or embed style. Offers extremely flexible customization, that
provides really unique display.

The WordPress questionnaire can fit to the entire page width or
can be set to a boxed, smaller size. This full width type of the
poll is a solid manner to get the attention of the visitors and it
works effectively.

Many More
Flexible Options

The plugin providesmuch more features that helps
you to save your time and reach your aims. The poll can be appear
for the users at once, it is possible to set to display once for
users who already filled out or simply can appear in every cases.
Activate the poll with different user interactions, like click on a
link, scroll to the bottom of the page or even scroll to a
specified part of the page. Each questionnaire can be closed or you
can force the users to fill out the survey in return for the
content behind the poll. Modal Survey –
WordPress Poll, Survey & Quiz Plugin can be really helpful to
get feedback about your posts including even a simple customer
satisfaction questionnaire at the end of the posts.

Using the WordPress Survey as a Rating System

With the Rating Systemfeature, it is possible to
display stars instead of text answers in your poll without any
limitation regarding to the number of scores. It means you can
create 5 stars, 10 stars or even 12 stars to get feedback as a
score for the voting.

Create Survey with Images and Progress Bar

It provides an optionto display progress bar for
any type of the WordPress survey, including quiz or a simple
survey. Also brings you the opportunity to insert images to the
questions and the answers. This options makes the voting more fun
and you can create much better looking WordPress poll with

Personality Test with Individual Chart

Easy to add individual chartbased on the
user’s score, rating or correct answers at the
end of the WordPress survey. It provides attractive and useful
visual display about the given answers.


Optionally, the plugin can savethe votes and you
can view the detailed stats on your admin panel.

Various charts help you to get the appropriate display to make
the best analysis about the participants and the survey.

Simple Survey

Setting up a Surveyis quite easy, you have to
specify the corrects answer(s) and/or the answer score, then the
Survey will be controlled by the given correct answers or the final

Embed Mode for Survey, Quiz and Poll

The plugin allows you to simplyinclude the
WordPress questionnaire to the content anywhere on any page, post
or even in a text widget. The poll will appears with a smooth
animation when the visitor scroll down to that place where you
included the WordPress questionnaire. If you looking for a Customer
Satisfaction Poll Plugin, it is a great choice to use it at the
bottom of each posts. Needless to say, it is also possible to set
the poll immediately visible without any animation or make the
WordPress survey visible when the visitor reach a specified part of
the content.

Embed poll mode provides the same features regarding to the
customization like any other type of the questionnaires. If you use
it as a Customer Satisfaction Survey, all results will be available
on your admin panel to analyze or even export the WordPress survey
results to PDF, XML, CSV, XLS and JSON.

The survey with embed style visible for the users who
didn’t fill out the poll previously, therefore
it won’t be displayed to the content when
it’s not necessary. Getting feedback about your
pages is a must to make a well-built WordPress website. Embed
Questionnaire can be implemented to the default WordPress text
widget as well.

Classic WordPress Survey List Style

The survey using table stylefor displaying the
answers, but you can set classic poll list layout with a single
click. In this mode, the survey answers will be displayed below
each other.

Text Answers with AutoComplete

Easy to add open text answerto each questionnaire
questions to get customized answer for your questionnaire. The
autocomplete feature helps for the users to select an option from
the previous visitor’s answers. It is also
possible to disable the autocomplete function, therefore the text
answer field can be used for getting email address or any
non-public input.

List of Answers

Using a select boxwith list of answers makes more
easy to organize the choices in the WordPress survey. Simply
specify the comma separated list of survey answers on your admin
and the plugin will automatically display them in a select box.

Number Answer

Getting numerical answeris essential in many
cases. The minimum, maximum and step values can be set on your
admin, then the plugin will automatically show it as a jQuery
slider in the answer area.

Date Answer

Create appointmentor use the Date answer to get an
exact day for any purpose, such as notification, meeting or
reserving. When the date answer set on your admin, the date can be
selected from a calendar in the survey..

Custom Redirection for WordPress Survey

In some cases, you would liketo redirect the user
after completed the WordPress questionnaire. This optional feature
has been included directly into the WordPress survey settings, you
have to specify the redirection URL only and the plugin do the

Additional Survey Conditions Based on the Final Score or Correct

Creating conditions based on the resultof the
questionnaire / survey will ensure you an excellent option to
redirect the user to a specific page or display a message for the
user. It can be extremely useful for creating a Product Survey,
Promotional WordPress Survey or even a Horoscope.

Display the WordPress Survey Results

Votes can be displayedin various formats, one of
the most effective is the progress bar style. It is also possible
to include the WordPress poll results via text format, then you can
compose your article with dynamic variables. Simply display the
full WordPress survey results or filter it to any question or
answer to get the information from the survey, that you exactly

Using Charts to Show the WordPress Survey Results

Modal Survey – WordPress Poll, Survey
& Quiz Plugin offers
a total of 6 different WordPress
poll chart types, excluding the further styles to show the
WordPress questionnaire results, like Progress Bar, Line Bar the
Text Format. With the most popular Pie Chart, you can demonstrate
any questionnaire voting information as you need. The plugin also
able to show the results for the active poll and it is refreshed
immediately as the visitors voting.

If you need a special type of chart, feel free to select form a
Doughnut Chart, Bar Chart, Radar Chart, Line Chart or Polar Chart.
These are responsible to visualize any poll, questionnaire or
survey details in a nice, modern way.

Pie Chart

Line Bar

Doughnut Chart

Bar Chart

Radar Chart

Line Chart

Polar Chart

All charts are interactive, display the exact values of the
WordPress poll with a mouse hover event. However, you have the
option to hide these survey values using the progress bar or the
line bar, including the percentages only.

Shortcode Manager

With Modal Survey – WordPress Poll,
Survey & Quiz Plugin
, it is really easy to manage
WordPress shortcodes. Contains a built-in Shortcode Manager to
helps you to include the poll shortcodes quickly with only few
clicks. Just select what you would like to display (the
questionnaire itself or the results) then you will see a dialog to
customize the entire poll shortcode. Documentation contains all of
the available parameters for the survey shortcodes, therefore
advanced users can simply use the WordPress WYSIWYG Editor.

The poll shortcode options can be easily selected by the
following popup window, therefore you don’t need
to write any line of code.

Export the WordPress Survey to
Various Formats

Export the whole WordPress pollwith the results to

Check out the survey export files generated previously for
demonstrating purpose:

The PDF Export can include the chart for each questions to your
PDF document and you also have the option to export your PDF
without the charts. Each poll export has a separated template file,
therefore with some knowledge of CSS it is simple to customize. To
make the customization more easy, the PDF header text available for
edit in the general settings of the plugin.

the Next Survey Question

One of the most useful plugin feature, simply
control the next poll question for the users depends on their
answers. Just specify the number of the next question in the survey
under the Redirection field in the Answer Options and the
questionnaire will automatically jump to the specified survey
question. It is also possible to define this question number in
brackets right after the answer text.

As a result of this conditional behavior you will get detailed
information in the WordPress questionnaire, even you can filter the
survey by specific conditions. If you want to create the poll for
females only, the first question would be the gender and you can
send all users with ‘male’
answers to the end of the WordPress questionnaire.

WordPress Survey
with Multiple Answer Selection

Modal Survey – WordPress Poll, Survey
& Quiz Plugin offers
the option to specify the number
of selectable answers by the users and it is also possible to set
the required minimum number of answers for each questions in the

These numbers can be specified for each questions in the poll,
thus the overall questionnaire can be highly flexible. Works like a
checkbox and radio button, the difference only it is displayed with
a more professional, unique way with underlined answers. Certainly,
the traditional radio buttons and checkboxes also available in the
poll optionally.

Subscribe the Participants to your Email Campaigns

Modal Survey supportsmany Newsletter providers,
like Active Campaign, Benchmark, Campaign Monitor, Campayn,
Constant Contact, Freshmail, GetResponse, MadMimi, MailChimp,
MailPoet, MyMail, SimplyCase, YMLP.

Just simply turn on the Participants Form and it will be
automatically embedded at the end of the survey, then the plugin
will pass the user’s name and email to your
chosen newsletter campaigns through your site.

List with Filter and Sort

Find all questionnaire, that has been previously
saved in a well-organized table with AJAX powered search,
pagination and sort option.

Each row gives you detailed informations, including the creator
username, create time, last update and total votes. Furthermore,
this list grants prompt actions to duplicate, edit, delete or reset
the specified questionnaire.


Important to note, nobody want a WordPress Poll
Plugin that won’t gives realistic statistics.
Avoid and minimize duplication with keeping the WordPress
questionnaire simple as possible is the main goal of Modal Survey
– WordPress Poll, Survey & Quiz Plugin.
General settings provides the possibility to display each poll for
once to the same user regardless the visitor gave answers or

Another option to display the survey once for users who already
filled out. Modal Survey – WordPress Poll,
Survey & Quiz Plugin doesn’t require
registration to get as much votes as possible, it is using cookies
to prevents duplication. As an advanced solution, the poll can be
displayed for logged in users only, this way the plugin will using
your WordPress database to validate the user and allows voting one
time only.

– Import WordPress Survey

Creating backup or copyyour questionnaire to your
other website has never been easier. The plugin ensures the option
to export you poll in JSON format and simply allows to import back
the JSON survey file that has been exported before through the
WordPress Plugin admin area.

The votes are imported and it can be reset by a simple click,
however in some cases you might need to keep the questionnaire
votes during the import.

Simple Updating

Releasing constant updatesof Modal Survey
– WordPress Poll, Survey & Quiz Plugin based
on the needs periodically. To keep the updating process easy as
possible, just download the new version and upload in the Modal
Survey Update Page through the admin and it will do the rest. Also
offers the choice to terminate to update after you read the new
version changes and decided to keep the old version.

After uploaded the new version, the changelog will be displayed
to show the changes. In this stage, you can continue or cancel the
updating process.

What Clients Think about Modal Survey –
WordPress Poll, Survey & Quiz Plugin?

Key Features – Modal Survey –
WordPress Survey Plugin

  • Visual Builder in the administration are with Live Preview of
    the WordPress Questionnaire
  • Mobile-friendly & Responsive WordPress Poll Plugin
  • Parallax effect on the Poll during Page Scroll
  • Set Start and Expiry Times for each Questionnaire
  • Choose from Different Poll Styles (Modal / Popup, Embed the
    survey to your WordPress Page or Post, Open the survey with
    clicking on a Link)
  • Provides Gradient RGB Color Picker on the WordPress Plugin
  • Ability to Offer Link / Downloadable Content at the End of the
    Poll (Force Users to Fill Out the survey to Get the Link)
  • Unlimited Questions and Answers, Reset Survey Counters with
  • Lock the Screen with the WordPress Questionnaire
  • Social Sharing with Various Styles and Modes
  • Request participants name and email at the end of the poll
  • Interactive Poll Tutorial on the admin area
  • Compare the Poll Individual Votes with Global Votes
  • Detailed Participants Stats with Charts
  • Support Active Campaign, Benchmark, Campaign Monitor, Campayn,
    Constant Contact, Freshmail, GetResponse, MadMimi, MailChimp,
    MailPoet, MyMail, SimplyCase, YMLP
  • Modal Survey offers Different Positions (Top, Middle, Bottom,
    Align to Right or Left)
  • Specify Custom Message at the End of the WordPress
  • Custom poll animations with Full Range of jQuery Easing
  • Fully Localizable WordPress Plugin, Define All Messages, Texts
    on the Admin
  • Automatically Display the Same Poll for Once per User
  • Animated Charts, Graphs, Bars and Dynamic Text for the
    WordPress Questionnaire Results
  • Tons of Available Plugin Shortcodes to Display the WordPress
    Questionnaire Result on your WordPress pages or posts (Progress Bar
    Style, Plain Text Style, etc.)
  • Ability to Set the Poll Globally on the Entire WordPress
    Website or Include it to the Specified WordPress Page
  • Set each Questionnaire Closeable by the Users or Force to Fill
    Out the Poll
  • Display the Polls only when the Users Scroll Down at the Bottom
    of the Page
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Export the WordPress Questionnaire to PDF, CSV, XML, XLS and
  • Unique Charts with Hover: Pie Chart, Doughnut Chart, Bar Chart,
    Radar Chart, Line Chart, Polar Chart
  • Import Survey from JSON (previously exported by Modal Survey
    – Restore Backup)
  • Multiple Poll Answers – Set Minimum and
    Required Number of Answers
  • Quick Plugin Update Process by Manual ZIP Updater through
  • Use it as a Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Shortcode Manager to Include Shortcodes through WordPress
    WYSIWYG Editor
  • Clean, User-Friendly Admin Interface
  • Duplicate Poll
  • Conditional Option to Control the WordPress Questionnaire Next
    Question depending on the Survey Answer
  • Ajax-Based Survey List with Filter, Sort, Pagination and
    Detailed Informations on the Admin
  • Custom PDF Export Header without Editing the Export Template
  • Admin comments, Display the participants details by
  • GDPR ready


If you have any question or feedback, please feel free to email
me via my user page . The provides some useful informations about
how to use this plugin.

How to get

After you purchased the plugin, go to the and set the checkbox
to on. You can also rate the plugin there.


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Refund Policy

Full refund can be given, if the plugin
doesn’t work on your website as it is described,
the issue caused by the plugin and can’t be
fixed in 48 hours. In most cases, if the plugin
doesn’t work on your site, that caused by any of
the following reasons:

  • outdated WordPress Theme, that has an error in the
  • outdated other WordPress plugin(s), that has an error in the
  • other WordPress plugin or theme, that includes invalid jQuery
    version instead of using the WordPress built-in jQuery
  • hosting limitations or configuration issues
  • incorrect plugin configuration

Before you send a refund request, please make sure you already
contacted with the and provided your website URL. If Modal Survey
– WordPress Poll, Survey & Quiz Plugin
doesn’t work as it described and the problem is
with the plugin, that can’t be fixed in 48
hours, then you can get a full refund.

If you refusing the free support and the issue
can’t be investigated, then you
can’t get a refund.


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