Merchandise WooCommerce extension enables you to rearrange the
products at top or reorder by simple drag & drop on the online
store. Product sorting is easy to use for products
reorder/rearrange with “drag &
drop†functionality. It allows you to sort of products
by sequence.

What do you see when you walk into a supermarket or shop
products well organized in passageway areas. Your customer will see
when he/she visits the exclusive products randomly sort by
publishing date on the WooCommerce store or in a default sort.

It always seems to change for store owners what they can do to
keep arrival stock newly at the front without any order.

This product sorting extension provides you a complete solution
for this scenario. It works for random sorting or rearranging the
products with a small or huge number to display on the shop

Key Features Of Merchandise WooCommerce

  • Re-order/re-arrange products by simple drag & drop for shop
    & category pages separately.
  • Re-arrange products of specific category by drag and drop
  • Same product can be displayed on the different position on the
    shop & category pages.
  • Display only selected products on the top of category &
    shop pages.
  • Easy to configure and customize.
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