MagPlus= Blog/Magazine/News/Review and more (40+
demos) + AMP (5x faster loading in mobile) + Elementor + Custom
cache system (2.4x faster) + GDPR Compliant + AdSense + WPML
(translation ready) + RTL (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.) + 100% Responsive
+ WooCommerce + Tons of features + Gutenberg Optimized + SEO
optimized + 160+ Elements & Modules + Unlimited Layouts + 7
Premium plugins for free + Lifetime free updates.

MagPlusis a Blog / Magazine / Newspaper WordPress
theme which gives you the tools you need to write and edit articles
with ease. We carefully created the theme with multiple Blog/
Magazine / Newspaper niches and professions in mind
– personal, professional, bloggers, editorial
and more. Use our easy-to-use one click import feature to import
any of the example demo sites in seconds. We provide guides and
videos on every aspect of this Magazine WordPress Theme. Also, if
you need further assistance, our dedicated is always there for

Why MagPlus? – An Overview

When you are thinking about turning your hobby into your
profession, none of us want to compromise in quality. Online
blogging is currently one of the most hyped easy career. With the
perfect website, your path will be easier. One may wonder why they
should choose MagPlus over all the other WordPress theme for their
own use. Let’s start off with few of the
mentionable features:

Quick Install and Setup– As we
all hate anything that is slow, we came up with such a feature
where you won’t have to wait for installation.
Very quick and easy installation. Quickly install the theme in
WordPress or via FTP. Proper Documentation is also available for
installation and setup. Get your website theme in your hand in a

Smart and Powerful
– MagPlus has a very fast
Mega menu solution that can be enabled via WordPress native menu
screen and you can font awesome icons to any menu elements.

Template Builder– Our customers
have endless possibility to make layout as they want, we do have
included pre ready made 40+ template to add block of shortcodes to
page, just drag and drop.

Mega Menu and Menu Icons– Using
Visual Composer and our built-in brilliant advertisement locations,
you can put your advertisement anywhere in your website.

Fully Translation Ready– Our
theme is fully translation ready and perfectly WPML compatible
along with a powerful language switcher on the sub header.

Layout and Slider Combinations–
MagPlus offers over 300 layers and sliders combination only to
stylize it the way you like. The layers and sliders are unique from
each other and of course it is customizable.

WordPress Customizer– The
Customizer is a framework for live-previewing any change to
WordPress. It provides a simple and consistent interface for users
to customize various aspects of their theme and their site, from
colors and layouts to widgets, menus, and more.

Fully Responsive– Almost every
new client these days wants a mobile version of their website.
It’s practically essential after all: one design
for the BlackBerry, another for the iPhone, the iPad, netbook,
Kindle and all screen resolutions must be compatible, too. So,
don’t be worry about obtaining these sets of
features, we do already have included in Magazine.
Let’s test it.

Review System– MagPlus has a
built-in review system that allows the readers or viewers to give
reviews for your review type articles.

Library Homepage– Creating a
perfect homepage expresses everything you need to know about the
website in the first glance. Homepage shows our inner style.
That’s why we gave you the option to choose from
our various options to customize your homepage with your own sense
of style that leaves the perfect impression.

Google Font– Along with huge
variations of layout and sliders, MagPlus offers more than 500
Google fonts. Hundreds of free, open source fonts from google and
they are really fast in rendering also.

Blog Layout– MagPlus offers
chic and tasteful blog layout with different type of blog post
formats like image, slider, gallery, video and quote. Now you can
totally fall in love with your own website.

Speed Optimize– This WordPress
theme is optimized for speed with careful attention to clean and
structured code. It helps improve conversation rates.

Header and Navigation Style–
MagPlus has various beautiful header and navigation options
available just to match your taste. Choose the one that screams
your personality.

It’s the small details that make a project
shine. Solid typography, well-crafted with attention and care is
one of them. A harmonious visual rhythm, typographic subtleties
like soft caps, margin outdents or the correct use of hyphens and
dashes; there are a lot of things that add up to it. So, we do have
included all google font sets just to make easy and useful, you can
adjust color, size, line-height and so on.

Cool Readymade Layouts– For you
to create beautiful website as desired, we have included lots of
page layouts in the MagPlus theme. Design your website with blog,
videos and other contents.

Social Sharing– It has the
template setting for social sharing. We tested to make sure it is a
smart website that you own. Make sure who loves your content, they
can share it with their friends through social media.

Page/Post Customization– With
MagPlus you can easily customize your specific page or post on the
top of the default theme settings in case if you want to emphasis
any page/post or need different style for your overall website.

Unlimited Colors– To make color
changes easy, we have implemented color picker in theme settings.
You can choose your desired colors visually and by hash code and
RGB code also wherever required. No plainer, boring website.

Unlimited Sidebars– Another
mentionable feature of MagPlus is, it allows you to add unlimited
sidebars as per your requirement and assign many numbers of your
choice of widgets to them. Amazingly, you can even switch the
placement of the sidebars wherever you want to very easily.

HD Video and Details
– We have made sufficient
videos with detailed information and documentation to make our
users aware about all the parts of our theme. In addition there are
many how-to videos available for fast understanding.

5 Start Quick and Responsive
– We love our customers and
would always do our level best for their satisfaction.
Customer’s satisfaction is our growth. We have
our highly experienced team of technical experts who try their best
to respond within one business day. Our motto is to give our
customers satisfactory, helpful and polite answers.

Shortcodes– Magazine includes
tons of shortcodes to make endless layout. With Magazine,
we’ve built 33 shortcodes, allowing you to build
virtually any layout your mind can imagine. All shortcodes are
included via a custom built plugin. Included shortcodes are as

  • About Us
    • Style 1
    • Style 2
  • Blockquote
  • Blog Masonry
    • Style 1
    • Style 2
  • Category Block
    • Style 1
    • Style 2
  • Featured Blog
    • Style 1
    • Style 2
    • Style 2
    • Style 4
    • Style 5
    • Style 6
  • Gallery Showcase
  • Gif Showcase
  • Hand Picked Blog
    • Style 1
    • Style 2
    • Style 3
    • Style 4
    • Style 5
    • Style 6
  • Image Block
  • Newsletter
    • Style 1
    • Style 2
  • Post Card
    • Style 1
    • Style 2
  • Post Grid
  • Post Grid Series
    • Style 1
    • Style 2
    • Style 3
  • Post Movie
  • Post Video Playlist
  • Progress Bar
  • Recent News
  • Section Heading
    • Style 1
    • Style 2
    • Style 3
    • Style 4
    • Style 5
    • Style 6
  • Sound Cloud
  • Tabs
  • Video Block
  • Weekly Top 5 Blog
  • Weekly Top 7 Blog
  • Post Gallery Video
  • Youtube Video Playlist
  • Custom Ads
  • Post Format– Magazine has rich
    set of custom post format, manage your blog posts with various
    custom post format. Here are few post format:

    • Standard
    • Video
    • Gallery
    • Audio
    • Review
    • Quote
    • Quiz

    Demo Overview

    Newspaper Pro –Use this
    distinctly modern website theme to showcase your news. Magazine pro
    can give the proper support for your newspaper magazine as
    Newspaper Pro. If you have tons on ideas but
    don’t know where to start, we are here to
    happily help you out and guide you through your process. Share the
    news around the world that you think should be reached out to the
    mass population, because Newspaper Pro will give you the freedom to
    do so. Newspaper Pro has a very clean and formal design that sets
    the perfect tone for the readers.

    Fashion Pro –Fashion Pro can be
    used as a fashion guide or fashion police magazine. It will just
    blow away every viewer’s mind starting from the
    very first page. It is designed carefully keeping the user
    experience in mind. Start your fashion blog with this fashionably
    smart and clean designed Fashion Pro. Let the inner Fashion icon in
    you come out and help the ones who seek helpful fashion tips. It
    doesn’t have to be necessarily just fashion
    blog. It can be your make up blog/vlog. Get started with this
    easy-to-use WordPress theme Fashion Pro.

    Sports Pro –Sports Pro has a
    full width attractive carousel that gives your homepage a stunning
    grid look with boxed content. With this Menu structure you can
    cover everything from Baseball to Cricket all with total
    professionalism. Along with these awesome features, Sports Pro can
    be customized as you may. Use this user friendly WordPress theme
    and create your very own online sports magazine.

    Food Pro –In 2017 people spend
    more time uploading their delightful meal photo than their own. So
    it is a thing that is so in. If you think you are all set to share
    your very own pro cooking tips with the world, then food pro is
    your thing. Share all the amazing food recipes you have been using
    to make your friends and family happy. As a food related WordPress
    theme, food pro is quite interestingly designed. Start now to
    spread the happiness.

    Tech Pro –If you think you have
    something technologically geeky or might have innovative ideas to
    share with this world, Tech Pro is your stairway. The best feature
    of Tech Pro is that it has a highly functional homepage to display
    your work. Good news is, you don’t have to be a
    web developer to do so. Tech Pro is a uniquely
    adaptable, incredibly powerful, technologically refined, visually
    simplified and minimalist, clean-faced and bold, feature-dense and
    highly pliable WordPress responsive magazine them. You gotta love

    Travel Pro –If you have
    travelled half way across the world, gathered experiences and
    learned different things, and now you want to share them all with
    other travel thirsty people, Travel Pro is just the thing you need.
    Up your blogging game with this demo. Show your contents the way
    they’re meant to be seen. Cutting-edge design
    & modern look will get them hooked. Let them feel the adventure
    you were on.

    Blog Pro –Blogging is the
    coolest and easiest way to set your profession in this digital era.
    Blogging is fun and interesting when you know what you are doing.
    Blog Pro is the outline of your precious work and ideas. It is
    built in the way where you can highlight your best blogs to your
    viewers. Blog it with Blog Pro!

    Viral Pro –If you are one of
    those people who loves to make their posts or videos viral, then go
    for the Viral Pro. This is specially designed for the people who
    loves 9GAG so much to have their own viral online magazine. Viral
    pro is made that way to maximize you’re the
    chances of making your post go viral!

    Video Pro –Good news for all
    the vloggers out there who are really in need of a good way to
    communicate with the world through their extraordinary videos.
    Video Pro is a perfect solution for the lost vloggers out there. It
    has so far the best homepage that kinda gives you the YouTube vibe.
    With so many functionalities, you can easily customize your vlog.
    Although the main focus of Video pro is the youngster looking for
    an online video magazine, it can be used for professional terms as
    well. Let’s stop thinking and get on with this

    Fitness Pro –In this busy
    schedule of life, we forget the fact that fitness is very important
    to keep the schedule on. But worry not, Fitness Pro is what we need
    in out hectic timeless life to stay in shape.
    It’s designed carefully to suit your eyesight
    and bring a splash of fresh and confident in you, that you can do
    it. If you want to share your favorite followed methods of fitness,
    download Fitness Pro to fit your very own fitness online

    Music Pro –In this busy
    schedule of life, we forget the fact that fitness is very important
    to keep the schedule on. But worry not, Fitness Pro is what we need
    in out hectic timeless life to stay in shape.
    It’s designed carefully to suit your eyesight
    and bring a splash of fresh and confident in you, that you can do
    it. If you want to share your favorite followed methods of fitness,
    download Fitness Pro to fit your very own fitness online

    Health Pro –Anything goes wrong
    (health wise) we seek for the tips and tricks to get out of it. And
    if those tips and tricks made you an expert of health tips, then
    don’t waste your precious time and knowledge. Go
    ahead and bring out the health expert in you. Health Pro can be the
    platform where one can share professional or home remedies of all
    kind of health concerns. It is designed beautifully with the
    perfect color tone to give it a promising and trustworthy vibe. If
    you don’t believe, then check it out and
    surprise yourself.

    Feminine Pro –The name says it
    all. Feminine Pro is presented to you with a complete chic feminine
    output. This WordPress theme can be used as personal beauty blog,
    life hacks for girls, anything you wish. Feminine Pro gives the
    “Hello, please check me out†vibe the
    moment you start looking at the home page.

    Car Pro –Car pro is perfect for
    those car freaks out there. There are many online car magazines,
    but Car Pro is so far the best because it is uniquely designed.
    With a touch of millennia, this modern WordPress theme has
    everything super customizable. If you like to share blogs, video
    blogs, pictures or any sort of article related to cars, try Car

    Minimal Pro –Minimalistic
    designs are always appreciated by the majority. Now a days keeping
    your design minimal with all the message you probably need to send
    hidden in it. In Minimal Pro, you can display any sort of
    minimalistic designs, contents and videos. The theme is designed as
    simply and beautifully as possible. If you like simplicity, go for
    Minimal Pro.

    Luxury Pro –Luxury Pro is an
    awesome WordPress theme to wow people out. Its luxurious look with
    a touch of elegance gives it the perfect sense to show case the
    luxurious lifestyle, products, places, vacation destinations,
    anything. And if you don’t want few of the
    features, then you can easily make it your way. Get this luxury

    Pin Pro –Pinterest is a way of
    social media lifestyle in this era. It turned into an essential
    part of our life with its amazing contents. If you are a Pinterest
    magnet, get yourself the Pin Pro and start compiling and sharing
    your pins. It’s designed similarly to Pinterest
    itself for your convenience. So stop going through your Pinterest
    homepage and get yourself a very own pin pro online magazine.

    Photography Pro –Photography
    can be your passion, profession and in fact hobby. Sometimes it can
    be difficult to use other websites to display your priceless
    photography. But worry not any more, Photography pro will help you
    get exactly what you always wished for. Your very own Photography
    online magazine. Copyright your creative works with Photography
    Pro, because the whole website if yours to own. Modern design with
    a touch of indie feeling just hits your perfect senses.

    Art Pro –To all those who feel
    lost when it comes to display the awesomeness in you, Art Pro just
    might heard your lost soul. Compile all the creative madness in you
    and showcase them in Art Pro. It can be your very own website where
    you can share your Arts, upcoming projects in hand, tips and tricks
    to be the next Van Gogh. The artsy feeling of Art Pro WordPress
    theme will blow others mind and help you increase the hits with the
    magically beautiful theme.

    Design Pro –Probably the best
    Online Magazine WordPress theme for displaying your designs.
    It’s perfect for the new Designs like- Mockups,
    UI Kits, Designer’s Blog, Video Tutorials etc.
    You can even design your website the way you want because Design
    Pro is very much customize friendly. Clean and simple design of
    Design Pro is what makes it unique.

    Lifestyle Pro –Lifestyle Pro
    demo layout is perfect for modern, lifestyle, recipes, fashion, and
    architect bloggers, too. Your content needs to stand out, so the
    designers used layouts to highlight the content. The
    theme is stuffed with custom, and unique, widgets that will help to
    promote your content, and social media channels. Lifestyle is one
    of those niches where you never know what kind of content you are
    going to publish. It helps to have post types for video, images,
    sliding galleries, and even audio for podcasts you may be hosting.
     While everyone else struggles with using external
    plugins, you have all those post types set and ready to go.

    Game Pro –Game Pro contains
    everything you will need in order to build an online gaming
    community. Whether you want to keep things small and create a space
    for you and your clan to chat or open your forums up to everyone.
    The theme includes plenty of customization options, including color
    and typography, and widget areas. It’s all upto
    you how you want to use your gaming online magazine. But it sure is
    an outstanding WordPress theme.

    Movie Pro –Movie Pro is a
    WordPress theme for all the movie fanatics out there. You can use
    Movie Pro as your very own Movie Reviews and a platform for people
    to give their precious criticism about the movies. It can be used
    as other different reasons too, like- movie streaming, download
    links etc. Its super modern design will do half your job in showing
    how rich the contents of the page are.

    Gadget Pro –To be fair, Gadget
    Pro is one of the best WordPress theme for the Gadgets in 2017.
    Share anything that is related to gadgets and IT by making Gadget
    Pro your own platform. Use it as you may to keep the surroundings
    updated about the latest technology evolution. Although the name
    might indicate that you have to maintain it in a technical manner,
    but it does not require any kind of coding or what so ever. Feel
    free to use this amazing WordPress theme as your own.

    Review Pro –Now a days, the
    world literally makes decisions based on reviews. So reviews kinda
    play a big role in our daily life. Review pro is focused on to make
    it easier for you to give your reviews and listen to others. Its
    design is very friendly for the eye. Now you
    don’t have to worry about some website deleting
    your precious review, because you will have your own website to do

    Podcast Pro –As we all love the
    idea of downloading all the desired files online, Podcast is
    probably the best way to do it. If you have a lot of things that
    you would like other people to have, you can start off by sharing
    some with Podcast Pro. It is designed in a very fancy manner to
    catch the eye of the seeker. It’s highly
    maintainable and the customization power of this theme is as
    awesome as the theme itself.

    Feature Overview

    • WordPress Live Customizer – Make it Live
    • Visual Composer Plugin
    • Template Block Builder
    • One Click Demo Importer
    • 30+ Unique Demos
    • 18+ Header Styles
    • 20+ Sliders
    • 4+ Footer Styles
    • 30+ Shortcodes
    • 10+ Custom Widgets
    • 10+ Blog Single Styles
    • Unlimited Color Option
    • Advanced Typography Option
    • Advanced Blog Layouts
    • Youtube Video Playlist
    • Custom Post Video Playlist
    • Fully Responsive
    • RTL Ready
    • WMPL Ready
    • Video Supported (Youtube, Wista, Vimeo, Custom MP4,
    • Advanced Review System
    • WordPress Viral Quiz Plugin
    • Yellow Pencil Plugin
    • Social Jumbo Pack
    • Post Formats (Standard, Audio, Video, Gallery, Quiz, Review,
    • Unique Post Popup System
    • Slider Content Feature – Make any shortcode
      as slider
    • WooCommerce Ready
    • Automatic Updates
    • SEO Optimized
    • Powerful Theme Option
    • Unlimited Sidebars
    • Custom Contact Form
    • Retina Ready
    • HD Video Tutorials
    • Well Documented


    -- Version 5.3 --
    Added: RTL Supported for All the Demos
    Added: Grid template layout for pagination page
    Fixed: Minor Bugs
    -- Version 5.2 --
    Added: Custom Fonts Options in Theme Option Panel
    Update: Magplus Addons version to 5.1
    Fixed: Minor Bugs
    -- Version 5.1 --
    Update: MagPlus AMP to version 1.5
    Fixed: AMP issue related with non index
    Fixed: Minor Bugs
    -- Version 5.0 ---
    New: Compatibility with Elementor
    New: New 25+ Elementor Widgets
         = About Us
          + Style 1
          + Style 2
        = Blockquote
        = Blog Masonry
          + Style 1
          + Style 2
        = Category Block
          + Style 1
          + Style 2
        = Featured Blog
          + Style 1
          + Style 2
          + Style 2
          + Style 4
          + Style 5
          + Style 6
        = Gallery Showcase
        = Gif Showcase
        = Hand Picked Blog
          + Style 1
          + Style 2
          + Style 3
          + Style 4
          + Style 5
          + Style 6
        = Image Block
        = Newsletter
          + Style 1
          + Style 2
        = Post Card
          + Style 1
          + Style 2
        = Post Grid
        = Post Grid Series
          +  Style 1
          +  Style 2
          +  Style 3
        = Post Movie
        = Post Video Playlist
        = Progress Bar
        = Recent News
        = Section Heading
          + Style 1
          + Style 2
          + Style 3
          + Style 4
          + Style 5
          + Style 6
        = Sound Cloud
        = Tabs
        = Video Block
        = Weekly Top 5 Blog
        = Weekly Top 7 Blog
        = Post Gallery Video
        = Youtube Video Playlist
        = Custom Ads    
    Fixed: Minor Bugs
    Fixed: Responsive issues
    Fixed: Slider issues
    Update: Magplus Addons to version 5.0
    --- Version 3.2 ---
    Update: Woocommerce files to latest version
    Fixed: Minor Bugs
    --- Version 3.1 ---
    New: Gutenberg Optimized
    New: Compatibility with WordPress 5.0
    Update: Visual Composer plugin to latest version
    Update: Removed automatic update tab from theme option panel
    Fixed: Minor Bugs
    --- Version 3.0 ---
    New: ConvertPlus Popup Plugin for WordPress (Worth $30)
    Added: More translation field to theme option panel
    Added: More google amp ads field to single post
    Added: Related post to google amp single post
    Fixed: Social follow widget undefined index issue
    Update: MagPlus addons plugin version to 2.2
    Update: MagPlus AMP plugin version to 1.4
    Update: Visual Composer plugin to latest version
    Update: Yellow Pencil plugin to latest version
    Update: WP Viral Quiz plugin to latest version
    Fixed: Minor Bugs
    --- Version 2.9 ---
    Added: More translation field to theme option panel
    Added: Translation field to social follow widget
    Added: Option to choose categories for recent posts shortcode
    Added: On/Off option to show or hide sticky video in single post
    Update: MagPlus addons plugin version to 2.1
    Update: Visual Composer plugin to latest version
    Fixed: Minor Bugs
    --- Version 2.8 ---
    Added: Infinite, Ajax Load More Pagination in Archive page
    Update: AMP Version to 1.3 ( Added Support for Pages, Archive,
    Pagination, Slider, Featured Post, 404)
    Update: MagPlus addons plugin version to 2.0
    Fixed: Minor Bugs
    --- Version 2.7 ---
    Added: Slider Orderby and Order Option
    Fixed: Pagination issue related with Wocommerce
    Fixed: Minor Bugs
    --- Version 2.6 ---
    Added: Google Adsense Option in AMP 
    Added: Social Share module in AMP
    Update: MagPlus AMP version to 1.2
    Fixed: Minor Bugs
    --- Version 2.5 ---
    Update: Theme is GDPR compliant now
    Update: Woocommerce files to latest version
    Update: Visual Composer plugin version to 5.5.2
    Fixed: Minor Bugs
    --- Version 2.4 ---
    Added: Mobile logo width and height option
    Fixed: Minor Bugs
    Update: Visual Composer plugin to latest version
    --- Version 2.3 ---
    Added: Dual Sidebar Option for Page
    Added: Sidebar Option for Archive Page
    Added: Switch to turn on/off post meta in Archive Page
    Added: Option to remove duplicate posts in homepage block
    Fixed: Minor Bugs
    Update: Yellow Pencil plugin to latest version
    Update: MagPlus addons plugin version to 1.9
    --- Version 2.2 ---
    Added: 4 New Different Demos (Bitcoin, SEO, Writer, Reciepe)
    Added: On/Off option to show or hide slider post meta
    Added: On/Off option to show or hide blog single post meta
    Fixed: Facebook social share
    Fixed: Minor Bugs
    Fixed: Author URL in Single Blog Post
    Improved: Sidebar and Content position in small device
    Update: Translation Tab in theme option panel
    Update: Visual Composer plugin to latest version
    Update: MagPlus addons plugin version to 1.8
    --- Version 2.1 ---
    New: Translation Tab in theme option panel
    Added: 6 New Different Sliders
    Added: Parallax in title wrapper
    Fixed: Minor Bugs
    Update: MagPlus addons plugin version to 1.7
    --- Version 2.0 ---
    New: Custom Super Fast Cache System (Beta Version)
    Added: Link to mega menu categories
    Fixed: Post Tabbed Widget Issue
    Fixed: Blog Single Author Name and Date Issue
    Fixed: Minor Bugs
    Update: MagPlus addons plugin version to 1.6
    --- Version 1.9 ---
    Fixed: Featured Blog Style 1 height issue
    Added: Link option for section title
    Update: MagPlus addons plugin version to 1.5
    --- Version 1.8 ---
    Added: Option to enable/disable sticky header
    Added: Body font color option
    Fixed: Minor Bugs
    --- Version 1.7 ---
    Added: Padding Option for Title Wrapper
    Added: Typography and Background Color Option for Title Wrapper
    Added: Added Subtitle Field for Title Wrapper
    Added: Height option for single post featured image.
    Added: Option to select category id for post tab widget and field
    to change title
    Improved: Option to adjust Logo width and height
    Improved: Option to remove social follow widgets
    Update: MagPlus Addons plugin version to 1.4
    --- Version 1.6 ---
    Added: Option to choose Blog Single Post Date Format
    Added: Option to choose Slider Date Format
    Fixed: Mega Menu Height Issue when there are no posts
    --- Version 1.5 ---
    Added: ON/OFF option for single next post for mobile
    Added: ON/OFF option for single sticky video for mobile
    Added: ON/OFF option for related post for mobile
    Added: Option to Re-Import Demo
    Fixed: Blog Single Author Name
    --- Version 1.4 ---
    New: Architecture Pro Demo
    New: Girly Pro Demo
    New: Diy Pro Demo
    New: Cinema Pro Demo
    New: Personal Pro Demo
    New: Featured Blog Shortcode (Style4 and Style5)
    Added: Polyang Support
    Added: Social Links now Open in New Tab
    Added: Typography Option for Main Menu and Sub Menu
    Added: Textual Logo with Typography Options
    Fixed: Minor Bugs
    Update: MagPlus Addon Plugin to Version 1.3
    --- Version 1.3 ---
    New: Google AMP Supported
    New: New Demo Entertainment Pro
    Fixed: Social Follow Link Issues
    Update: MagPlus Addon Plugin to Version 1.2
    --- Version 1.2 ---
    New: Added Ajax Load More
    New: Added Ajax Infinite Scroll
    Added: Author Page
    Added: Social Icon Option for Post Author
    Added: Color Option for Load More Button
    Fixed: TGM Yellow Pencil Slug
    Fixed: Mega Menu issue When no Post Category is Added
    Fixed: Mobile Sub Menu Issue
    Improved: Parallax on Mobile
    Update: Documentation
    Update: MagPlus Addon Plugin to Version 1.1
    --- Version 1.1 ---
    New: Added Parallax Option for Blog Single Featured Image
    New: Added Typography Option for Menu and Sub Menus
    Fixed: Minor Bugs


    Price: 0.00 USD
    Preview: Theme Preview
    Download Rating : 4.6
    Rate Count: 8038