CFO Custom Formulas is a professional OpenCart extension that
lets you absolutely control the way prices are calculated.

You will be able to use all fields in a product for easily
multiply, add, subtract, or whatever maths allows you. It is not
required programming skills for simple formulas and professional
programmers will get super-customized results using native PHP

Custom prices in minutes!!!

See our new Product Support Site!!! Learn all the possibilities
of CFO Extension, also you will find all explanations, functions
and syntax in order to write your own custom formulas in

New feature for “Weight based
Shippingâ€: Now you can access to weight of products and
options and use it into your formulas, also you can change final
weight depending of your calculations!. Take a look at:

feature, completely improved OPA for price update on-the-fly:

If you like to test a DEMO store: Administration with user demo
and password demo:

If you like to take a look to our web that is using the addon:
This is a sample product:

About us Our company,, is dedicated to printing
services, banners, vinyls, decals All extensions you will find in
our demo store have been developed by our company, and we are now
using them in our store:

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