Artificial Intelligenceis now on your
WordPresswebsite! Get to know your visitors and
suggest the posts which they want to read. In this way, you can
increase your Google rankings and reduce the bounce rate.
Keep up with the future!


Advanced Related Posts– Get to
know your users’ behavior and suggest posts
which they might like.

The Technology Used by Major News & Magazine
– It works like the suggestions
you see on major news websites. Shows posts that are similar to the
posts your user’s visits.

Commented Posts– If the user
has previously commented on any post, it shows them similar posts.

Visited Category/Tag Pages– If
the user has previously visited any category (or tags), it shows
posts about those categories (or tags).

Search Results– If the user
searches on the website, it shows posts according to the search

User-friendly Plugin Panel–
With the easy admin panel, you can manage the plugin without
requiring coding knowledge. You can use this plugin in the default
settings, or you can turn on the advanced settings.

Shortcodes– You can use AI
Related Posts anywhere on your website by creating shortcodes! (You
can also add them to page builder plugins.)

Compatible with any plugins and
– This plugin is compatible with
any plugins and themes. You can use it as you like!

Only JavaScript– This plugin is
coded with pure JavaScript. With this feature, your website will
not slow down and will run fast!

Languages (WPML and PoEdit)–
You can easily translate this plugin into any language.

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