Advanced Ajax Search Baris a premium,
multi-languagePrestashop plugin that adds
advanced autocomplete functionalityto your shop.
Allow your users to quick search your products and show them
beautifully designed results!

The module comes packed with all the necessary admin options!
First, Advanced Ajax Search Bar allows you to choose between
two possible layouts,
the classicand
the full width!

Moreover, you can customise the
minimum input length needed to start searchingand
you can also
customise the number of displayable results.You
enable or disable, the
cover image display, as the well as the
display of the price and the category name! Off
course, you can
disable the autocompletefunctionality if

Last but not least, especially for theme developers, the module
supports widget logic, so you can place it
anywhere into your custom theme! A little fine-tuning might be
needed for this!

Well, check the screenshots to get the feeling!


  • ajax autocomplete functionality for your search bar
  • classic & full width modes available for the results
  • ability to disable autocomplete
  • ability to show or hide product image covers
  • ability to show or hide product prices
  • ability to show or hide product category
  • customisable input minimum length for autocomplete to
  • customisable number of displayable products
  • show more functionality
  • supports widget logic
  • multi-shop
  • multi-language


Demo Frontend:


Module translations

  • English
  • Greek
  • Spanish


v.1.0 - January 2, 2019
Initial release

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Preview: Theme Preview
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