Add Multiple products to cart with ajax Woocommerce plugin to
allow users add multiple products to cart at once with Ajax.Plugin
allow to visitor to add bulk product at once.Customer can increase
or decrease quantity based on requirement.

Demo Front End

Features list

Ajax to cart feature without page refresh.

Select list of Products from catalog list.

This plugin allows customers to select single or multiple
product at once with Ajax.

Select All Products from Catalog list

Customer can simply click the checkbox given with each product
and click Add to Cart button.

Single Click Add Multiple Products to Cart with Ajax

Empty cart button on cart page,where user can empty cart on
click button.

Steps to be taken for Plugin Installation

Step-1. Login with your WordPress admin

Step-2. Go to wordpress add plugin

Step- 3.Activate Add Multiple products to cart with

Step-4. Show Add to cart button with checkbox

Step-5. Add to product on cart with Ajax

Step-6. Listing of products with Quantity list.User can
empty cart on click of Empty button.User can increase or decrease
product quantity based on requirement


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