3D Photo
Tile – WordPress Plugin

3D Photo Tile WordPress Plugin is an advanced 3D image grid
gallery built with WebGL. Each tile item can be flipped over to
reveal the content behind it. Photo Tile is a great web application
to showcase your works and photos.

Full Features

  • Customise number of double size items and flippable items
  • Over 50 configuration options
  • Advanced full fledged 2D gallery mode: auto activated on
    browser with unsupported CSS3D features
  • Easily create slideshow using autoplay option
  • Default dark theme and light theme
  • Multi media support: photo, audio, video, ajax, inline,
    embedded iframe
  • Multiple controls: keyboard and mouse
  • Multiple screens support: mobile, tablet. desktop
  • Multi categories support
  • Fullscreen support
  • Full width support
  • High quality code commenting
  • High quality documentation
  • Custom item reflection
  • animejs as core animation engine: multiple easing equations
    support, configure delay, duration, callback with ease
  • Advanced MediaViewer component, a feature rich lightbox
    application to view extended contents
  • Advanced build system with Grunt: easily create distribution
    and examples file with builtin tasks
  • CSS preprocessor using SASS and Compass framework
  • Multiple SASS variables offering extreme flexibility to
    customize application look and feel
  • HTML preprocessor using Pug templates
  • Custom components: ItemTitle, ItemDescription
  • videojs as main video playback engine
  • audio5js as main audio playback engine
  • Multiple examples files provided
  • Lightweight: only 28KB in gzip format

Image Credits:unsplash.com

Video Credits:pexels.com

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Download: 3d-photo-tile-wordpress-media-plugin.zip
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